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Breaking barriers and Empowering your future.



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Build You. Grow You. Stretch You. Empower You.

Are you ready to empower yourself to walk boldly as the powerful, successful businesswoman you were born to be? 


The Empower You Conference

September 17, 2022 | Nashville, TN

Are you ready to tap into your greater purpose in life and business? Are you ready to receive the tools needed to jumpstart your business or pivot in your business?


When something or someone is empowered they're given the force of authority to produce greatness. This conference is all about you taking the power and authority over your business, your entrepreneurship journey, your career, your mind, your prayer life and your money.

Founder & Host, Coach Jasmine Stokes


The Leading Conference for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, mom bosses, and business professionals just starting out and up to 3 years in business.

1-Day Conference Curated to Empower Your Business to Levels Never Imagined.

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If you relate to any of these below, you should be at

The Empower You Conference:


  • Struggling to lead your business confidently

  • Looking to start your business and don’t know what steps to take first

  • Want to learn how to target your audience and to niche down

  • Want to learn to budget properly and be clear about your revenue and profit goals/metrics

  • In need of information on legal structure and contracts

  • Ready to push past your comfort zone

  • Ready to take action and be accountable

  • In search of an honest answer from someone that has taken the same steps and paths you need to take

  • Tired of doing it your way and just need that extra “push” and “information” to see results

  • Need confirmation that you are on the right path


Empower Speakers




Master Life Coach


Jasmine Stokes

The Greater Me Consulting

Master Life Coach Jasmine Stokes is a Master of All Things but her love is empowering women entrepreneurs to their greater level. Juggling the hats of Wife, Mother, Corporate Bae, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Intercessor and Friend, Coach Jas has learned the dance and balance of self-care and grind. 

Coach Jas focuses on empowering women by providing training through her Life Coaching Certification program, by strengthening their foundational structure through prayer and accountability strategies and helping catapult them to achieve their greater end goal. 

With over 7 years of experience within Learning and Development, 15 years of experience in Corporate America and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Finance, Jasmine is well versed in identifying communication and accountability strategies for focusing on the development of one's strengths and ultimate wins.

Jasmine's goal is to help others with their faith walk, mirror experiences, entrepreneurial journey and foundational structure and to truly see their GREATER self.

Latoya Mathews

Healing Coaching

Latoya Mathews is a healing coach, retreat host, best-selling author, transformational speaker, prayer warrior, and curse breaker.


After years of dealing with shame and guilt, Latoya rediscovered the hope and freedom that she now helps other women accept and treasure. Whether she’s speaking on stage or podcasts she transcends a message of love and empowerment.


Her mission is to provide a sacred space for women to find meaning in their hurt. Through telling her story, writing, and serving as a coach and speaker, she helps women discover the GEM they are. Latoya believes every woman is a unique GEM God created to shine bright throughout the Earth.



Healing Coach


LM HS 2 (1).jpg

Liku Amadi

Business Attorney

Liku T. Amadi, Esq. is a Bay Area native and CA business attorney. Liku helps coaches and consultants establish a solid legal foundation through custom contracts.

Liku makes it a point to educate her clients on the what and why behind legal services to empower them to make legally informed business decisions and control the dynamics of their business relationships. Liku is a proud boy mom and champion of Black women.

Protecting Your Business

Laverne Thomas

BDL Coaching

Master Life Coach and Entrepreneur Engineer, Laverne Thomas, is a Leader to Leaders, Visionary to Visionaries, and Master Builder. Her purpose is to build tables for leaders to thrive! Knowing both sides of the table, she was fully aware that both compassion and respect must be at the forefront of any level of leadership. She had the pleasure of always being put in top leadership positions and  worked with very prominent leaders, which has given her an in-depth view of leadership behind-the-scenes. She takes this knowledge and experience to help minorities, primarily women, live the life of their dreams. 


Being the owner of BDL Coaching, which is a leadership development coaching firm, Laverne and her team walk entrepreneurs and leaders within corporations through designing marketplace atmospheres of passion, purpose and profitability. Coach Laverne trains, develops, mentors and ministers to others all over the world virtually and in person. As an ordained minister, she uses her faith to help others rebuild families and fortunes with Kingdom principles. Her overall passion lies in building and empowering communities, families, and corporations, by changing the trajectory of individual lives, careers, and communities. And she honestly does it all while also being a mother of two children she affectionately calls "gummy bears" and while wearing heels!!!

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Entrepreneur Engineer


Brand Coaching


Jae Nicole

The Dopest Brand Coach

You can call her Jae Nicole, or if you want to be bold, you can call her the Dopest Brand Coach. Coach Jae is a Corporate Trainer by day and a multi-passionate entrepreneur by hustle. She helps new and aspiring fempreneurs with full-time jobs reach their true potential as business owners while empowering them to be unapologetically dope.


Jae has built an impressive client base of over 40 clients who have used her tips and strategies to connect with their why, create a cohesive brand with clarity, and feel confident showing up on social media. She has constantly challenged herself to learn as much as possible, and she has always had a burning desire to help women succeed without feeling like they have to fit into any box.


But that's not all! When she's not coaching and helping her clients, you can find Jae jamming to music, podcasting with friends, or relaxing with a sack of tacs (that's tacos, birria, to be exact). Lol. Jae's love for tacos might supersede her passion for a good brand conversation... you'll have to book a consultation to see.

The woman who is...



Tired of Playing Small.

Tired of Procrastinating.

Tired of Getting Lack Luster Results.

Tired of Being in Her Own Way.

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Who is this conference for?

Our Empower Workshops

Dynamic workshops and teachings with the framework of

Build, Grow, Stretch and Empower.


Building You - Taking the time to assist you in completing your mirror work. We call this the mirror experience and being clear about who you are and what you want.


Growing You - Assisting you in allowing yourself to start where you are and creating a growth plan for the future. All of the answers will not be present at the beginning of your journey but will begin to open as you grow and develop a different perspective in business.


Stretching You - Are you open to a challenge? Will you allow yourself to be pushed and to understand this journey will not always be comfortable but necessary?


Empowering You - Ready to receive the support and encouragement to walk boldly in life and allow yourself the space to be who you are called to be?

No upcoming events at the moment
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The Empower You Woman

Faith-based, spirit-led, purpose-driven, impactful, and ready to take charge and control of her next step in business.

  • You are a trailblazer in your field.

  • You are willing and ready to invest in yourself and your dream.

  • You are ready to do the hard work.

  • You are ready to take control of your future.

  • You are tired of asking around and can’t get the right answers and help.


During this one day, I can’t miss this, I needed all of this energy in-person live event, you will cry, laugh, high five, social distance, motivate, dance, take lots of notes and collaborate with like-minded women. And we will...

  • Empower You In Prayer

  • Empower You in a renewed Mindset for Business

  • Empower You for Your Target Audience

  • Empower You to Scale…Legally

  • Empower You to Secure the Bag






Breakfast /Meet and Greet Hour


Introduction to Conference, Host, Prayer




Empowered in Prayer


Empowered for My Vision


Lunch, Turn Up, Networking


Empowered for My Audience


Empowered to Scale...Legally




Empowered to Secure the Bag




Close Out

Agenda subject to change

Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport

1112 Airport Center Dr.

 Nashville, TN 37214

One-time payment $569

Admission to The Empower You Conference

Conference Playbook

Conference Main Session

5 Full Workshops & Activities

AM Breakfast

PM Lunch

Networking Sessions

Conference Swag Bag


*Payment Plan $670

$100 non-refundable deposit and 5 payments of $114 due by August 31st, 2022

The Venue







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